Shiva or Vishnu??

Shiva claims that he is the one God like Vishnu. They claim that every source of power in the world is from them. But who is the ultimate God? Who can actually answer this without being biased? Even so, why should we trust his words? Shiva claims that he is sakthi, he is shiva,he is... Continue Reading →

Yin and Yang of India

Shiva and Parvati are the symbolism of yin and yang in Hinduism. They form the interoperable duality with interdependent force of co-existence. One cannot exist without the other.  It goes with the famous saying in Tamil "Shakthi illayel Shivan illai" which means there is no Shiva without Shakthi. He becomes non-functional without Shakthi (another name... Continue Reading →

The ideal husband

Somewhere in the midst of saving the world and dharma, he is given the duty to balance the entire nature. He falls in love with his girl over and over and over various births. What kind of love is that anyhow... right?? They fell for each other head over heels. Always completing each other in... Continue Reading →

When was he real?

Some say it was 15000 years ago, some say 5000 - 4000, one guru also mentioned 75000. But going back in time, the knowledge of how much of it was actually recorded for the sake of saving the real history is not certain. 75000 years ago, 1. Both Neanderthals , Denisovans and humans co -... Continue Reading →

Dude God

He is the most chill, super cool, dude of the Gods. He is cool, with a chillum, and ganja, all covered in ash and his lover girl always by his side. he is one lucky guy. How many of us can have chillum and the girl in the same room?? huh? He also has his... Continue Reading →

The Destroyer God

Shiva is the destroyer, he is the personification of tamas. Ignoring his basic role of being a destroyer, he somehow managed to make people fall in love with him and make them go crazy. Shiva is not an open book, he had his meritorious disciples and shared his knowledge only to them. This again kindles... Continue Reading →

My journey to find Him

Seeing great stars on screens, we fall in love with them. But, this guy's pic is always right there at my home, and he is literally the hero of his story. He fights for the poor, saves the damsel in distress, hurts the villain, saves the day. I am a fan of him. Like how... Continue Reading →

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